Usability Issue: White text on Black Background

Some time ago i have contacted a collegue of my to get her to comment on the site. Please see her reply below. The usability issue she is talking about is very important for a successfull content driven site.

Having said that, I've decided to stick with the current design. I just like it too much :)


Sent: Tuesday
To: Eduard
Subject: RE: What do you think?

I have always been taught that in every web design class I have taken.

See usability/readability guidelines here

– also see this thread


Sent: Tuesday
To: Michelle
Subject: RE: What do you think?


Why do you think so? Did you read it somewhere?


Sent: Tuesday
To: Eduard
Subject: RE: What do you think?

I like it! 

The only thing that always comes to mind when I see it is that from Usability and design best practices white text on black background is usually a big no-no – even though I like the look – if someone really knows best practices they might be put off by that.


Sent: Tuesday
To: Michelle
Subject: What do you think?

I’ve updated the site and getting ready to add more content

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