The best way to build up your brand name on Facebook

Wisdom from Michelle. My co-worker, Michelle, is a great SEO specialist with a an outstandign record for successfully SEO'ed sites. Below is a tip that she sent me the other day:

The average person has 130 friends on Facebook – if they share your page with their friends –  and their friends share with their friends and so on –  it is amazing Word of Mouth medium and it is FREE!
Your Facebook Business Page:
Ask your fans to post pictures of themselves [with your product/service]
Ask questions like:
o Where do they [use your product/service]?  
o How do you [use your product/service]? 
o Tell us how did you first heared about our [product/service]!   
Here is an example of how Urban Outfitters engages on Facebook and twitter – it is all about being social and engaging with your customers…
In general, remember one thing, on Facebook – no hard sell – just ask questions, engage with your peeps, BE SOCIAL.  You want to build up your brand name.

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