Sending E-mails to your customers – Strategies

Hi Everyone,

Spread the word throughfriends-and-family e-mails.

See attached report:

  • Friends-and-family e-mails had 43 percent higher open ratesand 29 percent higher click rates compared to bulk promotions
  • Social network links within friends-and-family e-mails had much higher referral ratesthan e-mails with no social network links
  • For friends-and-family campaigns, 20 percent and 30 percent off are the most common offers during the holiday season
  • Revenue per e-mail and transaction rates for friends-and-family e-mails were 85 percent higher and 2.5 times higher, respectively, against bulk promotions
  • Compared against non–friends-and-family promotions with the same offer values, friends-and-family e-mails generate higher revenue per e-mail

See the full article:

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