Dell Streak

Just saw the ad for the new Dell Streak. It looks like ATT is betting on this device to replace the iPhone market they will eventually loose once iPhone becomes available on Verizon network. The following message posted on only proves this, "As low as $299.99 with 2-year AT&T contract activation. For use on AT&T network only."

However, new Dell Streak has a number of disadvantages which will be detrimental to the same success story we have seen with the iPhone ATT deal:

  • Unlike few years ago, every carrier has a wide selection of smart phones now.
  • iPhone and other Apple products have fans who would buy even the most useless device and Dell doesnt have nearly as much in terms of consumer loyalty.
  • This new device positions itself as a tablet/cell phone. It is too small to be a useful table and too big to be a convenient cell phone.
  • Streak is an android based device and will be in direct competition with other android phone. It seems like this is a way for ATT to get back at Apple.

All we can do is wait and see, ofcourse. 


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  1. Ed Says:

    Just saw a great comment posted on


    I gave up my iPhone 3GS for my Dell Streak. My Streak is better at:

    Turn by Turn voice GPS navigation
    Web browsing (with a better, full web experience)
    Music player (I’m not locked in to iTunes)
    Video player (using the free Rockplay app)
    eReader (using a variety of apps, including Kindle)
    PDF reader (again, using free apps)

    In most cases, the Streak is better than the iPhone because the seemingly small difference in screen size actually makes for a huge difference.

    Put differently, going from a 4″ to 5″ wide aspect display is like going from a 17″ to a 21″ monitor. It makes a BIG difference. Huge improvement.

    The iPhone was a little bit better of a phone, but once the Streak gets the 2.2 Android update, it will be better than the iPhone in every way and compete with the iPad favorably in most ways.

    Oh, and with 2.2, I can use Flash.

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