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Don’t you wish there would be a way to know what it would be like to interview at a particular company before going to the interview? I have been in this place for many times and I hope that my experiences with companies within the IT world would help others to get ideas and prepare better for their interviews. Please do not expect me to disclose any company secrets or provide names, titles, or other personal data. I do not wish to violate any personal or private information. The data presented in this category will be generic enough to give one an idea of how a perspective interview would look without going into specifics.

Interview at Google for Product Manager position

I've recently had an interview with Google for a Product Manager role. In preparation for this interview I've done an extensive research on different tips, format of the interview and the process at Google. Needless to say, I've found lots of information about what this would look like but after having gone through an initial [...]

Monday, June 27th, 2011